Second International Conference
Where Aims Become Achievements
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Second International Conference Committee
Formal and informal meetings will be conducted with FMOH, Ethiopian Somali Regional State Health Bureau, and Jigjiga University teams to discuss about the Conference plan.
Board of advisory committee
Members are top management of all stakeholders of the program in Ethiopia; the role of this committee would be advisory and give direction to relevant policy makers & stakeholders.

1. H.E. Prof. Yifru Berhane Federal Ministry of Health, Minister
2. Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim JJU President
3. Mr. Hassan Ismael Ethiopian Somali Regional State Health Bureau- Head
4. Dr Mary Murimi SNEB President
Core Conference organizing committee
Members of this committee are: top management members of Ethiopian Somali Regional State Health bureau, Jigjiga University, FMOH and partner organizations. The major role of this committee is leading and follow-up of the day to day progress of the preparatory activity.

1. Mr. Elyas Omer Academic and Research Vice President of JJU
2. Mr. Salah Hussien Administrative Vice President of JJU
3. Mr Najib Abdi JJU DRPTT Director
4. Mr. Omer Ahmed ESRS RHB Nutrition Officer
5. Mrs.Kadra Ali Vice Dean of School Graduate Studies
Event Organization Committees
1 Abdikader (Communication directorate)
2. Adugna Nugusei
3. Anbisa Muleta
4. Natnael Tadese
5 Kadra Ali (Fundraising)
6. Ahmed (From Regional health )
7. Habtamu Atlew
8. Saleha Abdusemad
9. Seila Yohanis
10.Ahmed Tahir
Scientific/editorial/abstract review committee
The role of this committee is to review abstracts and prepare the abstract book after announcing the result. The committee will also provide abstract mentorship for the researcher to increase participation and academic writing.

1. Dr. Mary Murimi SNEB President
2. Dr. Befikadu Urga JJU, DRPTT
3. Mr. Anbissa Muleta JJU CDA
4. Mr. Ahmed Tahir
Conference commitee
Welcome to Second International Conference on "Narrowing the Disparity Gap Among Marginalized Populations in Africa "