Second International Conference
Where Aims Become Achievements
Welcome to Second International Conference on
"Narrowing the Disparity Gap Among Marginalized Populations in Africa "
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Call for abstracts
1.Food Science A)Food insecurity among marginalized population in Africa
B)Factors contributing food insecurity in Africa
C)Climate stress and food security in Africa
2.Evidence based interventions of the food and nutrition in Globe
A)Safety net and emergency interventions (Positive and negative aspects)
B)Agricultural interventions, what works and does not work?
C)Social and Cultural aspects in implementation of nutrition interventions
3.Sustainable interventions of nutrition for new and future in Africa
A)Agriculture and environment intervention
B)Nutrition and nutritional interventions
C)Agricultural and Agricultural education interventions
D)Sustaining the positive African cultural habit
E)Public health and Nutrition
4.Cultural sustainable dietary interventions to be encouraged
A)The health aspects of native African foods such as Tef enjera, soghum, millet, amaranth, argon oil, and other
B)Health foods during prolonged fasting periods in Ethiopia.
C)Cultural/traditional African foods vs nutrition transitions
D)Traditional indigenous food consumption and their health impacts
5.Food safety and public health
A)Food microbial contamination and Post harvest loss
B)Mycotoxin contamination and public health hazards
Important Deadlines
>Abstract submission: July, 14 September up to 29, 2017

>Notification of selected abstracts: October 1-10, 2017

>Full paper submission: October 12-17, 2017

>Notification of final acceptance: November 15-20, 2017

>Conference date: December 29-31, 2017

Contact Information

Nejib Haji (Research, Publication and Technology transfer director)
Cell Phone: +251915752516

Seile Yohanis (Capacity building and partnership officer)
Cell Phone: +251924345585

Kadra Ali (Vice Dean of School of Graduate)

Thus, interested researchers should submit their abstract ahead of time Via (email for abstract) (Dr. Befikadu Urga, Research publication officer)
Second International Conference Jigjiga University in collaboration with Texas Tech University invites scholars to submit an abstract(s) for the Second international conference on “Narrowing the Disparity Gap among Marginalized Populations of Africa” Advancing Food and Nutrition Security in Africa to be held on December 29-31, 2017 at Jigjiga University Sub themes and the specific themes will be as follows:
Welcome to Second International Conference on "Narrowing the Disparity Gap Among Marginalized Populations in Africa "